News from the 2016 California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions (CALAFCO) Conference in Santa Barbara

  • Commissioner Don Tatzin, 2016 CALAFCO Outstanding Commissioner
    Commissioner Don Tatzin (City Member) received the CALAFCO Outstanding Commissioner award in recognition of his tireless dedication to public service at the local and regional levels.  Don’s work on complex LAFCO reorganizations (e.g., Mt . Diablo Healthcare District), special studies, and LAFCO policies and procedures (e.g., agricultural & open space preservation, out of agency service, etc.) serves Contra Costa County well.  We thank all those who supported the nomination.
  • Tamayo Vineyards of Brentwood won a Bronze medal in the red wine category for its Syrah (tied with Napa County).
  • Commissioner Mike McGill reelected to new two-year term on CALAFCO Board
    Commissioner Mike McGill (Special District Member) successfully defended his seat on the CALAFCO Board of Directors and will serve another two years in this position. Additionally, Commissioner McGill was elected by the CALAFCO Board to serve as Treasurer for 2017.
    We’re very proud of our Commissioners’ achievements.