Commissioners and Staff

City Members

Gabriel Quinto
Term Expires: 5/6/24

Edi Birsan, Alternate
Term Expires: 5/1/23

County Members

Federal Glover, Chair
Term Expires: 5/2/26

Candace Andersen
Term Expires: 5/2/26

Diane Burgis, Alternate
Term Expires: 5/6/24

Public Members

Donald A. Blubaugh, Vice Chair
Term Expires 5/6/24

Charles R. Lewis, IV, Alternate
Term Expires 5/6/24

Special District Members

Patricia Bristow
Term Expires: 5/6/26

Michael R. McGill
Term Expires: 5/6/24

Staff to Commission

Lou Ann Texeira
Executive Officer

Sherrie Weis
Executive Assistant

Anna Seithel
Clerk Analyst

Tom Geiger
Legal Counsel

Planning Services

To contact Commissioners and Staff
Phone: 925-313-7133

40 Muir Rd 1st Fl
Martinez CA 94553

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