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Proposal Processing/Policies

get adobe acrobatMany of the documents below are published in PDF format, which requires the free Acrobat viewer. To download the viewer software, use the button to the right.

Proposal Processing Information
word document Application Checklist
word document Cover letter for boundary changes
word document Financial Disclosure Statement
word document Incorporation Application
pdf document Indemnification Agreement
word document Plan for Services
word document Updated 6/17/16 Questionnaire for Annex, Detach or Reorganization
word document Updated 6/30/16 Questionnaire to Amend Sphere of Influence
word document Updated 6/17/16 Questionnaire for Out-of-Agency Services
word document Updated 6/17/16 Questionnaire for District Formation
word document Updated 6/17/16 Questionnaire for Activating Latent Power
word document Sample Petition - Annex or Detach
word document Sample Resolution of Application - Reorganization
word document Sample Resolution of Application - Annexation, Detachment
pdf document SBE Fee Schedule
pdf document Schedule of Processing Fees (Effective October 2015)
pdf document Standards for Legal Descriptions
pdf document Standards for Maps
word document Summary of Current and Proposed Service Providers

Commissioner Handbook
pdf document   Cover page & Table of Contents
pdf document i. Introduction
pdf document ii. Why LAFCO? Historical Perspective
pdf document 1.1 Role of the Commissioner
pdf document 1.2 Membership
pdf document 1.3 Powers & Duties
pdf document 1.4 Commission Rules & Procedures
pdf document 1.5 Budget & Financial Procedures
pdf document 1.6 Staffing
pdf document 1.7 Personnel Policies & Procedures – to be developed
pdf document 1.8 CALAFCO
pdf document 1.9 Roster of Cities and Special Districts
pdf document 1.10 Conflict of Interest & Financial Disclosure
pdf document 1.11 Document Retention and Destruction Policy
pdf document 2.1 Policies & Standards updated 12/14/16 with AOSPP
pdf document 2.2 Other Policies and Standards
pdf document 3.1 Boundary Change Processing Procedures
pdf document 3.2 Incorporation Proposal Processing Procedures
pdf document 3.3 Multi-County Boundary Change Procedures
pdf document 3.4 City Annexations and Detachments
pdf document 3.5 District Annexations and Detachments
pdf document 3.6 District Mergers and Establishment of Subsidiary Districts
pdf document 3.7 LAFCO-Initiated Proposals
pdf document 3.8 New or Different Services
pdf document 3.9 District Dissolution
pdf document 3.10 District Formation
pdf document 3.11 District Consolidation
pdf document 3.12 City Consolidation
pdf document 3.13 City Disincorporation
pdf document 3.14 Reorganization
pdf document 3.15 Provision of Services by Contract
pdf document 4.1 CEQA Guidelines – to be developed


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